Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lead Acid Batteries

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Technology progresses in the mid-1970s when researchers developed a maintenance-free lead acid battery that was able to operate in any position. The liquid electrolyte was transformed into moistened separator and the enclosure was sealed. In addition, safety valves were added to allow venting of gas during charge and discharge. Nowadays, life without lead acid batteries seems implausible. They have myriad uses and are one of the most useful batteries with the longest life cycle, the greatest energy density per pound, and the most mature recycling infrastructure of similarly priced batteries.

The lead acid battery is simple and inexpensive to manufacture. There are many lead acid batteries manufacturers, OEM, such as Leoch Battery. Having been used over more than 140 years, lead acid batteries are reliable, mature secondary batteries, globally manufactured and therefore a widely understood technology. When used correctly, they are very durable and dependable. Their self-discharge rate is among the lowest of rechargeable battery systems. Capable of high discharge rates, the lead acid battery is able to deliver the bursts of energy that are required to start an engine.

Lead acid batteries are environmentally sound in that they are recycled at an incredibly high rate. Today, 98% of lead acid batteries are recycled. With low maintenance requirements, the lead acid battery includes no memory and no electrolyte to fill on the sealed version.
In terms of these advantages of the lead acid battery, they are widely used by many different industries, such as, telecommunication, power systems, radio, and television systems, solar, UPS, electric vehicles, automobile, forklifts, emergency lights, etc.
The lead acid battery cannot be stored in a discharged condition. With low energy density, poor weight-to-energy density limits its use to stationary and wheeled applications. They allow only a limited number of full discharge cycles well suited for standby applications that require only occasional deep discharges. The electrolyte and the lead content can cause environmental damage, which is environmentally unfriendly. There are environmental concerns regarding spillage in case of an accident when transporting flooded lead acid. Thermal runaway can occur with improper charging.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lead Acid Batteries

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This article was published on 2011/04/11